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Grill Dome: The Company

Grill Dome was founded by Tarsem Kohli in Atlanta, GA over 20 years ago. At the time, ceramic cookers could only withstand low cooking temperatures of around 300°-350° F before cracking. As an engineer, Mr. Kohli decided to research and develop ceramics that would withstand higher temperatures. He also felt that customers deserved something better. In 1989, Grill Dome set out to bring the best ceramic composition and design to market.

He first developed an original ceramic blend that could withstand twice the temperatures of the ceramics available on the market at the time. Grill Dome then became the fist ceramic grill company to offer a warranty on their products. As research continued and ceramics improved, Grill Dome has expanded its lineup to four sizes with its focus being delivering a better built product at a competitive price.

From the beginning Grill Dome has believed that grills are the centerpieces of people's backyards and people want a color selection that would compliment their landscape rather than blend in. Therefore, Grill Dome ceramic kamados are available in five colors.

Grill Dome focuses on designing the best outdoor grills in the world and designing products that will assist consumers. Grill Dome manufactures their own products and they don't use a third-party company like other brands. This means when you buy a Grill Dome, you won't find them compromising quality for cost like others. Grill Dome builds their products to last and they have an excellent warranty to back them up.