The Skinny:

  • Modern Freestanding design
  • 360° directional infrared heaters

Things We Love:

The Malibu Series heater features an array of 3 heaters and is designed to provide 360° of directional coverage for an area up to 300 sq. ft. Utilizing short wave length infrared technology, this heater is extremely efficient and converts 85% of energy into heat. Short-wave heaters work like the sunshine, providing instant heat. They need no pre-heating time in order to heat people & objects, and are not affected by wind.

These American-made heating systems are built to last. Malibu’s durable scratch & rust resistant Aluminum frames are designed to meet IP55 standard. This means the units are water-repellent and safe from spray and other wet conditions. Malibu Heaters are great for commercial establishments like restaurant patios, gazebos, awnings and also good for residential use as well.

Malibu systems are designed for up to 8000 hours emitter life. The warranty for the heater fixture is 3 years, emitter bulb and controller warranties are both a year from original purchase.

Things To Consider:

Solaira has available SMaRT controllers & timer systems, that can be purchased separately, with features like soft start and temperature monitoring sensors to help maximize heater efficiency. Also, all models come in standard low glare emitter lamps, but if Ultra-low glare is needed please see Candel Series. A professional electrician is recommended for installation. Check out our Free Outdoor Living Design Service and our team of experts would be excited to assist in creating and fulfilling your patio heating needs. 1-877-743-2269