The Skinny:

  • Visible in direct sun or shade so you can put your TV anywhere
  • Weatherproof box protects from the elements
  • Impact resistant casing protects from damage

Things We Love:

The SunBriteTV Pro Series can withstand any kind of environment –sun, snow, rain, humidity—you name it, the Pro Series can take it. It’s also resistant to damage from impact so you can enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities worry-free.

Versatile Enough to View in Sun or Shade

The 1080p HD / LED back-lit LCD screen provides an outstanding picture for optimal viewing quality. This means you can place it in your shady outdoor patio or in direct sunlight next to your pool. This is thanks to the anti-glare screen as well as Enhanced Solar Tolerance technology (EST) which enables viewing in direct sunlight by protecting it from isotropic blackout, which occurs when most TVs are in direct sunlight. Now, wherever you want to be, your TV can be the centerpiece of your area.

Weatherproof Casing Protects the SunBriteTV PRO from the Elements

The powder-coated aluminum weatherproof casing is made of anti-glare tempered glass and is able to withstand the elements such as wind, snow, insects, rain, humidity and salt air, so your TV is protected no matter what climate you live in. This casing is also impact resistant so you can place your TV anywhere in your yard and even next to your pool without fear of it being damaged by outdoor activities such as flying balls or frisbees.

Designed to Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Equipped with a heat-resistant screen and built-in heating and cooling system, the display is able to function in temperatures ranging from -40 to up to 122 degrees.

SunBriteTV Pro’s Superior Image Quality

SunBriteTV’s Pro Series features 700 NIT brightness and is up to 3x brighter than most indoor televisions.

Things To Consider:

The Pro series comes equipped with a weatherproof, 20-watt detachable sound bar and weatherproof remote control. SunBriteTVs are not Smart TVs, so they do not come pre-equipped with streaming apps.