The Skinny:

  • Protected from humidity, salt-air, and extreme temperatures
  • Exclusive nano-coating technology used by the military and NASA
  • SmartTV for streaming and internet access

Things We Love:

The SEALOC Lanai Series Outdoor TVs are designed for outdoor use under a covered patio. They can handle humidity, saltwater air, and extreme temperatures, but they cannot handle direct exposure to the elements (rain water, snow, etc.). SEALOC is the first company in the outdoor entertainment industry to use high-tech nano-coating to protect the internal elements of outdoor TVs. Make your outdoor patio the ultimate entertainment zone with an incredible 4K SEALOC Outdoor TV.

Internally Weatherproofed with Nano-Coating Technology

The internal components of the SEALOC Lanai Series Outdoor TVs are weatherproofed with an exclusive conformal nano-coating process. This nano-coating process is also used by the U.S. Military and NASA! Unlike the Coastal Series by SEALOC, the Lanai should only be mounted underneath a covered patio, since the external components are not wrapped with 3M wrap or silicone sealing. Though this series isn’t intended for full exposure, it can still hold up to humidity, salty air, and extreme temperatures.

Can Operate in Extreme Temperatures

The Lanai Series is equipped with technology to cool down the internal components in hot weather, or warm them up in cold weather. The TV can fully function at temperatures from -14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s suitable for almost any climate!

Access to Apps, Web Browsing, Video, and Music Streaming with SmartTV

Every TV in the Lanai Series is a SmartTV, which means you have access to many apps, you can browse the web, stream video or music, and more! Having a SmartTV reduces the need for extra equipment and provides tons of convenience. For example, you can stream music directly from your TV, which eliminates the need for an additional stereo system. The Lanai Series is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices so you can easily integrate them all!

No Protective Outer Box Gives Sleek Design

The nano-coating weatherproofing eliminates the need for a waterproof outer box around the television. Without the extra bulk, the Lanai Outdoor TVs appear sleeker and more modern. Since the TVs aren’t encased in a protective box, the image appears brighter and clearer. You also don’t need a soundbar, since the speakers are fully accessible!

Things To Consider:

While the absence of an outer protective box improves picture quality and overall aesthetic, it does leave the TV vulnerable to damage from blunt force. For example, this TV can withstand the elements (humidity, dust, dirt, etc.), but it will suffer from an impact with a basketball or hockey stick. You’ll also want to keep in mind that this TV is only suitable to be installed underneath a covered patio, since it can’t handle direct exposure to things like water or snow.