The Skinny:

  • Completely weatherproof to withstand full exposure to the elements
  • Exclusive nano-coating technology used by the military and NASA
  • Streaming, internet access, and SmartTV capabilities

Things We Love:

The SEALOC Coastal Series of Outdoor TVs are truly revolutionary in their field. The first of its kind to use high-tech nano-coating technology, this series of outdoor TVs are completely waterproof and can truly withstand the elements. Enjoy watching your favorite sports team from the comfort of your outdoor kitchen or backyard patio. You can even watch your favorite shows while lounging in the pool! The possibilities are endless.

Internal Components Completely Weatherproofed with Nano-Coating Technology

The SEALOC Coastal outdoor TVs are created with an advanced form of nano-coating technology to create a product that’s completely waterproof. This technique of coating the internal components of the television make the system totally impenetrable from water. It also protects the TV from the elements, salty air, dust, dirt, and high humidity. The conformal nano-coating process is used by the military and NASA, so you know it’s great quality.

External Weatherproofing with Silicone Sealing, 3M Wrap, and Neoprene Covers

The external components of the TV are fully weatherproofed too, with silicone sealing anywhere water may get in. The Coastal Series also features a 3M wrap that covers the edges, sides, top, and bottom of the television. This series is further weatherproofed with neoprene input covers, so you can use the inputs without worrying about the elements damaging the ports. This means the TV can be fully exposed to all outdoor elements, so you don’t have to install it under a covered patio. Unlike other outdoor TVs, which are only partially waterproof or put inside a weatherproof box, this TV can take it all. Cannonball splashes from the pool or rainwater won’t have any adverse effects!

Can Withstand Extremely High & Low Temperatures

The SEALOC Coastal outdoor TV can operate in temperatures ranging from -14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Coastal Series has the technology to cool down the internal components in hot climates, or warm them up in cold climates, so this TV will be fully functional in most environments.

SmartTV Gives Access to Apps, Web Browsing, Music, and Video Streaming

All Coastal Series TVs are SmartTVs, which gives you access to apps, web browsing, music streaming, and video streaming. This eliminates the need for extra equipment and makes the TV multi-functional! You can stream music directly from the TV so you don’t need an added stereo system. The Coastal Series is also compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home so you can easily connect to your other devices. This TV makes all-inclusive outdoor entertainment easy!

Sleek Design Without Protective Box

Since all of the internal components of the Coastal Series TVs are nano-coated, and there’s a protective 3M wrap, the TV does not have a protective box around it to keep the elements out. This eliminates extra bulk and provides a modern, sleek look. The lack of an outer box also means that you have a clear, bright picture. You don’t need a soundbar, although you can still add one for added sound volume if you would like.

Things To Consider:

Since this TV series isn’t encased in an external waterproof box, it may not be the best fit for households with young children that play outside. The TV is totally resistant to water, but not to basketball collisions!