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  • Replacement Cushion Selector

    Replacement Cushion Selector

    The Replacement Cushion Selector will help you find replacement cushions to perfectly fit your patio furniture. Make your patio furniture look and feel new this season with replacement cushions!

  • Patio Furniture Sets Buying Guide

    Patio Furniture Warranty Comparison

    We've compiled all the warranty details of our best-selling brands to help you make the best decision when shopping for patio furniture! Click here to compare the warranty coverage details.

  • About Marine Grade Polymer Patio Furniture

    About Marine Grade Polymer Patio Furniture

    We answer what is Marine Grade Polymer patio furniture and why it is a great eco-friendly outdoor material. We also have tips and advise to easily clean it.

  • Patio Furniture Sets Buying Guide

    Patio Furniture Sets Buying Guide

    The Patio Furniture Sets Guide outlines the most popular types of patio sets - from bistro sets (perfect for small patios) to fire pit conversation sets (best for big backyards).

  • Guide to Outdoor Furniture Materials

    Guide to Outdoor Furniture Materials

    This guide answers the most frequently asked questions about outdoor furniture materials – including the different types of metals, plastics, natural materials and fabrics.

  • Patio Furniture Glossary

    Patio Furniture Glossary

    Check out our glossary for information on common patio terms like teak wood, textilene, all-weather, bar height, and more!

  • Patio Umbrella Buying Guide

    Patio Umbrella Buying Guide

    Patio umbrellas come in many styles, shapes, fabrics, and colors. Let our guide help you find the right patio umbrella for your space!

  • Guide to Patio Umbrella & Base Sizes

    Guide to Patio Umbrella & Base Sizes

    Determining the best size patio umbrella and base for an outdoor space is an important part of the buying process. This guide will ensure the umbrella you select suits your needs.

  • How to Measure Patio Cushions

    How to Measure Patio Cushions

    This helpful guide will teach you the correct way to measure your patio furniture and determine what size replacement outdoor cushions you’ll need.

  • Patio Furniture Expert Reviews

    Patio Furniture Expert Reviews

    Our expert reviews give you the information you need to make the best purchasing decisions for your outdoor space.

  • Patio Ideas and Advice

    Patio Ideas and Advice

    Our outdoor living inspiration guides will give you all the helpful hints and tips you need to design and entertain in your outdoor space.

  • Outdoor TV Buying Guide

    Outdoor TV Buying Guide

    Discover different types, brands, and styles of outdoor TVs. Use this guide to help you find the perfect addition to your outdoor space!

  • Outdoor Speaker Buying Guide

    Outdoor Speaker Buying Guide

    Purchasing speakers involves a lot of technical terms. Take a look at our simplified buying guide to help make your buying decision a little easier.

  • Fire Pit Buying Guide

    Fire Pit Buying Guide

    Gas or wood burning? Which material is best? Get the all the fire pit answers and explanations you need with out Fire Pit Buying Guide.

  • DIY Fire Pit

    DIY Fire Pit Guide

    Looking to build your own fire pit? We've put together a step-by-step guide to make your building process easier.

  • Fire Pit FAQ

    Fire Pit FAQ

    Check out our list of frequently asked questions regarding fire pits, installation, burners, and more!

  • Wood vs Gas Fire Pit Comparison

    Wood vs. Gas Fire Pit Comparison

    This helpful guide lists the pros and cons of wood and gas fire pits so you can make the best decision for your outdoor space.

  • Patio Heater Buying Guide

    Patio Heater Buying Guide

    From explaining the benefits and advantages of each style to providing free design services, we're here to simplify patio heater shopping.

  • Ice Maker Buying Guide

    Ice Maker Buying Guide

    Explore top rated ice makers, the differences between portable and built in ice makers, types of ice cubes, and more!

  • Wine Cooler Resource Center

    Wine Cooler Resource Center

    View our helpful wine cooler buying guide, see the top rated wine coolers, and check out our list of frequently asked questions.

  • Design to the Trade

    Design to the Trade

    Our trade program for business and commercial buyers is a service for designers, architects, builders and other professionals to obtain trade discounts on our brands.