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Outdoor GreatRoom Outdoor Kitchen Storage Equipment (6 Items)

Outdoor GreatRoom Outdoor Kitchen Doors & Drawers

Unfamiliar with the concept of an “outdoor greatroom?” Well, we figured the folks who named their business after the term could explain it best: “The ‘outdoor greatroom’ came from the idea that homeowners should enjoy their outdoor space as much as their indoor living space and that the comforts of indoors were to be enjoyed outdoors.” Now that’s an idea we can get behind!

Part of having a truly comfortable and enjoyable outdoor greatroom of your own, though, is the convenience of keeping everything you need at your fingertips. So, why not trust that all-important duty to Outdoor GreatRoom storage doors and drawers? (It’s in the name, after all). Outdoor GreatRoom BBQ island drawers allow you to safely store grilling tools and accessories, while the brand’s outdoor kitchen doors provide easy access to gas and water connections. They’re smart investments, too — every piece is expertly crafted from commercial-grade, 18-gauge stainless steel to last for years in the elements.

Best of all, you have options! Outdoor GreatRoom BBQ island drawers come as single, double, or triple units, so take your pick depending on how much you need to keep stocked in your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor GreatRoom storage doors, meanwhile, are available in widths of either 27 or 30 inches. There’s even a tilt-out trash bin to cleverly hide unsightly waste while guests are over for dinner or cocktail night! Add it all together, and you’ve got a solid foundation for your own outdoor greatroom.