Do I Need an ANSI Certified Gas Log Set?

In order to comply with local codes, some areas of the country require installation of ANSI certified gas log sets. While a vast majority of the country does not have this requirement, it is the responsibilty of the customer to determine whether the gas log set they install complies with local codes. We are aware of ANSI certified requirements in areas of California, New York, and Massachusetts. Be sure to check with your local city office or website before installing a gas log set.

Certification Information

In order to provide increased safety to customers, companies submit their designs to independent testing agencies such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and CSA (Canadian Standard Association).

These labs test products to standards set by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). ANSI determines safety standards for products worldwide.

The most important idea is that the product is tested to an 'ANSI Standard'. Whether the testing is done by UL, CSA, OMNI, RADCO or any other lab is at the discretion of the company submitting the product. All testing labs test products to the same standard.

In order for a gas log set to be 'ANSI Certified', the pilot valve must be factory installed.

Description of ANSI Standards


Certification Chart

Manufacturer Burner Model Standard Testing Agency
Peterson G4 (12"-30") listed Radco
Peterson G4 (>30") none none
Peterson G45 listed Radco
Peterson G46 ANSI Z21.60 CSA
Peterson G8 ANSI Z21.60 and Z21.11 Omni
Peterson G9 ANSI Z21.60 and Z21.11 Omni
Peterson G10 ANSI Z21.60 and Z21.11 Omni
Peterson G18 ANSI Z21.60 and Z21.11 Omni
Peterson FPB55 ANSI Z21.60 Omni
Peterson EPIC none none
Peterson G45-GL listed Radco
Peterson PB listed Radco
Peterson G4-SS listed Radco
Rasmussen C2 ANSI Z21.60 and Z21.11 CSA
Rasmussen F, FX listed Radco
Rasmussen CS, CA none none
Rasmussen CXF, CXFA none none
Rasmussen TNA none none
Rasmussen LC, LD none none
Monessen All Vent Free ANSI Z21.60 and Z21.11 CSA
Monessen All Vented ANSI Z21.60 CSA
Hargrove Ember Burner listed Radco
Hargrove H-Burner listed Radco
Hargrove System 4 ANSI Z21.60 CSA
BBQGuys H-Burner none none

Wondering what certifications your gas logs have? Look in the gas log's user manual for certification information pertaining your specific gas log set.