• Gas Log Embers

    Embers are the fuzzy clumps included with your gas logs that react to the flame and create the glowing effect under the logs of a wood burning fire. They add realism to any gas log fireplace. There are a variety of embers available including our customers' favorite Platinum Bright Embers. Just place of few of the Platinum Bright Embers throughout the fireplace to create an even more vibrant glow. If you have vented gas logs, place small pieces on the burner bed to create a realistic glowing effect wherever the flame flows through the fiber material. If you have a ventless gas log set, consult your owner’s manual to insure proper placement of the embers.

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  • Gas Log Lava Rock

    No fireplace would be complete without the rough texture of a coal bed as the wood burns. You can have this look in your gas log fireplace by adding Lava Rocks to the floor of the fireplace. Not just for decoration, lava rocks hold and radiate heat longer and save energy. Lava rocks are available in a variety of sizes and colors to add a unique style to your fireplace.

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    Similar to decorative acorns, gas log branches add a realistic flair to any vented gas log set. These are made from a superior refractory ceramic and are crafted in a variety of shapes and styles.

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  • Fire Glass

    Fire Glass is a direct replacement for gas logs in terms of decoration and heat efficiency. Fireplace glass is affordable, safe, and lasts a lifetime. Our glass never loses its mesmerizing jewel-like color, luster, or clarity. Grab a bag and sprinkle them in the lava rock around the burner pan - but not in the burner pan - and watch the flames dance.

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  • Gas Log Pine Cones

    We’ve all gone out and gathered pine cones to add to the fireplace because they add an extra element of beauty. Now you can dress up your fireplace with a large assortment of ceramic pine cones. These not only add character to your fireplace, but they can serve a practical purpose as well to help disguise the remote receiver and or the safety pilot that extends to the side of the burner pan. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.

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  • Gas Log Acorns

    Acorns can add whimsical character to your fireplace. Scatter them across the floor of the fireplace, but don’t worry about the squirrels running off with your acorns. These are made from a refractory cement and come in a variety of sizes.

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  • Soot Remover

    This powerful cleaner removes soot build-up on gas logs, leaving them looking like new again. Simply turn on your gas logs to warm them up, shut the fire off and spray the logs. The cleaner will eat away at the soot without the need to scrub or wipe off. This soot remover is safe to use on both vented and vent-free gas logs.

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  • All Firebacks

    Add a new dimension to your gas log set with a beautiful and functional fireback. Several styles are available in two different materials: stainless steel for a more contemporary look or cast iron for a more traditional look. Place directly behind the log set and burner to help distribute and reflect the heat back into your home.

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  • Fireplace Screens

    Give your gas log fireplace the true look of a wood burning fireplace by adding an attractive firescreen to your hearth. For families with small children or pets, the firescreen provides a barrier limiting access to the fireplace while still allowing the heat to enter the room.

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  • Fireplace Tools

    We know that gas logs do not need to be poked, swept, or shoveled, but a striking fireplace tool set next to the firebox fulfills the promise of the hearth. Besides, given that many of our gas logs are so realistic, your family and friends will wonder where the tools are!

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