The Skinny:
Highly versatile pizza oven / grill combo; easily portable with four heavy-duty wheels; great warranty

Things To Love:
The Alsace wood-burning pizza oven from L'Art du Jardin brings a whole new meaning to the word versatility. At its core, it's a good pizza oven, but tilt-back the top and in mere seconds you'll be ready to grill meats, fish and vegetables. I even cooked a lasagna where I grilled ribeye steak and veggies on the grill grate and then locked the oven in place to bake it to golden brown (check it out - Ribeye Steak Lasagna Recipe on the Alsace). The fire is contained below the oven in a firebox, and the heat and smoke travels through an airspace surrounding the cooking chamber, allowing you to use natural wood or lump charcoal to fuel your oven while avoiding the overly smoky flavor of many pizza ovens. It takes about 30 minutes for the thick 1.5 inch cooking stones to reach the perfect baking temperature, but once they get going, they can keep cooking for up to two hours after the fire goes out.

I like that the oven door is glass, allowing you to monitor the status of your food without losing heat to check on it, and I can always appreciate the extra prep space that the included side tables provide.

Things To Consider:
While there is nothing wrong with the 3mm thick powder-coated steel that this oven is made from, it is not as durable as stainless steel, but you shouldn't worry about this as L'Art du Jardin stands behind their product with an impressive warranty.