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Portable Air Conditioners Resource Center

The facts about portable air conditioners have never been more clear, with our guide to buying, installing and using a portable AC unit. Get your questions answered with our FAQ, or compare research before buying a portable air conditioning unit.

Consider the benefits of purchasing a portable air conditioning unit. A portable air conditioner can easily deliver cool air to a non-ventilated room such as an upstairs area that may need additional cooling. Our air experts have done the research, now see the results with helpful hints that will aid you when you purchase your next portable air conditioner.

Our portable air conditioners provide powerful cooling and dehumidifying for constant comfort in virtually any room of your home while effectively improving air circulation in poorly ventilated spaces and maximizing energy efficiency.

Questions about portable air conditioners? Use our guide as a quick reference to questions about your portable air conditioning unit. Find important information you're looking for on installing, maintaining and operating a portable AC unit.