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The Kitchen Remodel Guide: Choosing Appliances

  • Once you have made the proper preparations it is time to start choosing appliances for your home kitchen. Consider appliances for Cooking, Refrigeration and Small Appliances when you're thinking about investing in appliances for a new kitchen. Each type of appliance provides an essential service for your kitchen and will add to not only the overall usability, but can also enhance the general look.

    Commercial Style vs. Traditional Residential Appliances

    The term Commercial Style has been thrown around a lot lately. While many manufacturers use the term to describe appliances that offer more professional features, such as more room and higher power output, some manufacturers use the term to describe stainless steel appliances. True Commercial Style appliances are a higher quality kitchen appliance. While they tend to cost more, you are definitely getting what you pay for. Featuring commercial quality stainless steel construction, Commercial Style cooking appliances offer the features professional chefs want the most - high heat, low heat and easy clean up. If money is an issue when remodeling your kitchen then commercial style appliances may not be an option. It is important to remember that top of the line commercial style appliances will not only increase the look of your kitchen, they can also increase the value.

    Energy Efficiency

    People are beginning to think more and more about the environment. If you are on the market for new kitchen appliances, however, chances are you are looking for the most cost effective models available. Fortunately, energy efficient appliances, including Energy Star rated models, will not only save you money, they are better for the environment as well. Some of the major advantages you will receive by purchasing energy efficient kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers include:
    • Better Quality - Many energy efficient appliances, especially those that receive the Energy Star rating, are made from higher quality components, meaning your new kitchen appliance can have a longer life with less mechanical problems.
    • Better Performance - Most energy efficient appliances are designed using advanced technologies which help the appliance perform more efficiently to save energy. Designed to use less energy for the sake of the environment, these appliances provide additional advantages, including reduced noise and water use reduction.
    • Lower Utilities - Think about this. Your appliances can account for 20% of your home utility costs. That is significant. Energy efficient appliances can reduce the cost of a kitchen appliance by as much as 40% over a standard appliance. That is even more significant.
    When purchasing new kitchen appliances you want to think about the long term costs more than the sticker price. While that $400 dollar refrigerator may seem like a bargain, over time it could end up costing you much more in monthly expenses and repairs. One of the easiest ways to understand an appliances overall costs is by looking at the EnergyGuide Label, it will give an estimate of the yearly energy usage and costs that an appliance will incur.
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