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Cajun Classic Coffee Makers 7-Cup Aluminum Drip Coffee Maker - GL10035

by Cajun Classic
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  • Large 7 Cup Capacity
    • Made from Heavy Duty Aluminum
    This Cajun Classic 7-cup aluminum coffee pot is topped with a cylinder that has a perforated bottom disk and a separate perforated top disk. Regular grind coffee is measured into the bottom of the cylinder and boiling water is poured through the perforated top disk, dispersing the water over the grinds. The brew then drips into the serving pot. This method produces a strong, tasty brew. This is not a percolating pot! GL10035
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67% of customers recommend this product.

    This looks like the real McCoy, but it is not. That is, it lis not the same quality of the old Wearever alumnimum pots. It is thin, poorly assembled, and I would not want to take responsibility for what might leach out of it. I bought it because I was desperate. I grew up in Central Louisiana, and I've never used anything other than a drip coffee pot unless I have guests and just want something I can plug in and forget. So when my old (maybe 30 year old) Wearever pot finally developed a tiny leak from mishandling , I started looking for another like it. No luck. The leak was so small that I just put a paper towel under the pot when the coffee was dripping and kept looking for a replacement. Then one day I was in a hardware store and there it was---right size and even if it was made in China and had some visible weld marks, it was distributed by a firm in Marksville, LA, heart of Louisiana. Folks in Marksville knew coffee, I figured. I was so happy with my find that I tossed my old pot into the trash. Unfortunately. First problem: the lid didn't fit perfectly and while trying to put it on the pot after pouring boiling water into the water holder, the handle tilted from the heat, the top slipped down into the water, and I found my entire hand in boiling water. That was last week. Today, I put coffee in the basket of the pot, put it on the front burner of the stove, and turned the gas on under the teapot that sat on the back burner for afternoon coffee. Just then the telephone rang and I reached over to take the call. I was a yard away from the stove and only had time to answer the call when I smelled something awful: in trying to take the call, I had mistakenly turned the flame on under the coffee pot. In less than 30 seconds (tops!), the bottom had melted in two spots and the coffee grounds in the basket had gotten so hot they were roasting. I do not exaggerate. The gas flame was on low, and the bottom burned through. I can't even count the times someone had put the old pot on the stove to warm up and forgotten about it until the liquid had cooked out. A good scrubbing, and the pot was fine. I would be very careful with this pot. I'm looking for one that looks like it but that is made of good-quality, heavy grade aluminum. I don't care what it costs. As a result of this $26 purchase, I have a badly burned hand and no coffee pot. Can one get aluminum poisoning in a week's time? I wanted to like this pot. I really did. But I think it is dangerous.
  • Pros
    Poor Value, Thin, Poorly Constructed, Poor Quality Aluminum, Looked Like The Real Thing, Poor Construction, Thin,poor Grade Aluminum, Poorly Assembled
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  • Was this review helpful to you? 
  • Fabulous Coffee Every Time!

    Coffee brewed in this drip pot turns out fabulous every time. My parents always made coffee in a drip pot similiar to this one - so it reminds me of home.
  • Pros
    Everyday Drinker, Large Water Storage Container, Kitchen, Morning Coffee, Easy To Use
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  • Makes great coffee

    These drip pots (made in China) make the best coffee. I purchased three pots (this is the only place I found them except used on e-bay, so I bought for relatives as well) and one was unusable because the handle had not been put on correctly. I used JB weld to re-attach and all seems to be working properly now, but I shouldn't have had to do that to a new pot!
  • Pros
    Easy To Clean, Everyday Drinker, Home, Weekends, Everyday, Easy To Use
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  • Exactly what I was looking for

    This was bought for my mother, who is 90 years old and has been a coffee drinker all her life. She has always used a stove-top dripolator and when her old one (40 years old at least) finally bit the dust I tried everywhere to find a replacement. This was exactly what she wanted, at a good price and was shipped immediately. It made her day when I gave it to her; thank you Cajun for having this product.
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  • This pot is not to easy to find.

    I wish that there was a smaller size,maybe a 4 cup one. I bought it for my mother-in-law and she is alone so a smaller size would be ideal. It is a nice pot though.
  • Pros
    Easy To Use, Kitchen, Wish There Was A 4 Cup., Casual Drinker
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