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Marvel Ice Makers (8 Items)

Marvel Ice Makers

Ice makers can often go overlooked in any kitchen setting, but Marvel Refrigeration makes models worth noticing. Marvel ice makers provide style and function in a premium package, whether you choose from the Classic or Outdoor Series. Both collections can make either clear or crescent ice, though the Classic Series isn’t rated for outdoor use. If you select a Marvel outdoor-rated ice maker, you’ll receive a model equipped with durable stainless steel and a thermal insulated cabinet that keeps energy costs low and improves the unit’s cooling ability.

Marvel Clear Ice Makers

For pure ice that won’t affect the flavor of your drink, look no further than Marvel clear ice makers. These models are excellent at eliminating residue to create ice that’s specially designed to melt slowly and take up less space in your drink. You also get plenty of it — Marvel clear ice makers produce up to 39 pounds of ice per day and can store 35 pounds at once. They manage this huge output despite an optional eco ice setting that reduces water and electricity usage by 25% to save you money. You can switch between operating modes and turn the unit off and on with an easy-to-use digital control system.

The awesome features of Marvel clear ice makers don’t stop there. They have sound-buffering ice deflectors to reduce noise, convenient and ambient Illuminice LED lights, and a Close Door Assist function to shut open doors that could waste energy or cause ice to melt. With Classic Series clear ice makers, you get even more benefits like a glass front door with a stainless steel trim and handle plus audible alerts that let you know when the door is left open or the unit needs cleaning. Clear ice Marvel outdoor-rated ice makers, meanwhile, come with gravity drains or pump drains to empty the unit of excess water.

Marvel Crescent Ice Makers

Marvel designed these models with flexibility in mind. These units operate without a pump or drain, so you can put them anywhere you like. Marvel crescent ice makers, which have reversible hinges so the door can open in either direction, also keep ice at sub-freezing to prevent melting. In addition to their removable ice bins for easy cleaning, these models have stainless steel doors and handles that resist corrosion and look sleek. Marvel crescent ice makers generate up to 25 pounds of ice per day — twice as much as traditional ice makers — and can store that same amount. When you don’t need that much ice or know you’ll be away from home for a while, simply turn the unit off with the analog switch.

If you have any more questions about adding a Marvel ice maker to your home, get in touch with one of our experts today by calling 1-877-743-2269!