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Indoor Heating

We have everything you need to make your home warm and cozy when the cold weather comes along.

A fireplace is a great option for home owners looking to enhance their space with a beautiful focal point. We offer many options and fireplace accessories customized to fit your personal style. Gas log sets offer an appealing alternative to wood. Fire glass creates a more contemporary look.

The most natural and realistic flames come from vented gas logs. This is why they rank as our most popular option. A vented gas log set must be installed in a fully functioning fireplace with a chimney. Without a chimney, you can still enjoy a fireplace. Ventless (or vent free) gas logs can really warm a space since they push the heat into a room instead of letting it escape up a chimney. If you want to learn more, please read our article all about vented gas logs versus ventless gas logs.

For smaller spaces, you can opt for a freestanding stove creating a traditional look with modern features like an auto shut-off gas control. You can also choose a portable space heater you can move to any room that needs extra warmth.

No matter what kind of space you have, we’ll help you find everything you need to keep your home cozy and warm.

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