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KitchenAid Grill Replacement Parts & Accessories (11 Items)

KitchenAid Grill Parts

No matter how well you care for your grill, sometimes repeated uses or the elements cause certain parts to wear down over time. When it comes to KitchenAid grills, though, finding replacement parts is simple and easy! We carry a handful of KitchenAid grill replacement parts — such as stainless steel cooking grates, conversion kits, covers, steel tube burners, rotisserie kits, ignitors, and much more — so you can keep your grill in top shape even if unexpected breakdowns occur.

Our selection of KitchenAid grill parts is also helpful if you’re simply looking for upgrades or accessories. You can add cooking versatility to your arsenal with KitchenAid BBQ parts like a heavy-duty stainless steel rotisserie kit, and we strongly recommend you invest in a high-quality PVC and polyester grill cover to keep your grill in good condition for years to come. The tent design on these covers promotes airflow and helps harmful moisture escape the exterior of your grill. Be sure to use only factory KitchenAid grill replacement parts to keep your grill performing like new.

For more help finding the KitchenAid BBQ parts that you need, reach out to one of our grilling experts by calling 1-877-743-2269 today!