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Top Rated: Best Fire Glass & Fire Shape Sets

  • What can I put in my fireplace if my home has a contemporary style?

    Typically what you see in a standard fireplace is a set of traditional gas logs or real wood, but what if your home has a more contemporary style? You'd be surprised to hear that your options are quite varied! Step up your fireplace's look with fire glass, fire stones, and fire shape sets. With different color and style options to choose from, you'll have a fireplace that will truly stand out. Our contemporary alternatives will modernize the look of your fireplace and excel in areas such as:

    • Durability - Our contemporary gas log alternatives are made with the highest quality materials. They're built to last with superb parts and are testes to withstand heat and use.

    • Uniqueness - Stand out and do something different with your hearth! Fire glass and stone sets provide an eye-catching focal point to your room and become the topic of conversation. Show off your own unique personality with a fire glass set in your signature colors or favorite shapes.

    • Ease - Like gas logs, fire glass and shape sets are a breeze to use use. The days of cleaning up messy ash, constantly buying wood, and feeding a fire are in the past. With a fire glass or shape set, all you need to do is turn the sets on and enjoy the fire!

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