The Skinny:

  • Customizable log arrangement
  • Largest amount of flames and embers
  • Realistic hand-painted charred look
  • Quick shipping

Things We Love:

This set will give you the realistic look of charred and broken logs with the largest amount of flames and embers. These hand-painted logs offer a natural look and are very customizable. The bark side and split side allows you to change the look of your log set as often as you like. The H Burner allows gas to flow more freely, so you have larger billowing flames. It also creates more radiant heat than a single burner. For extra strength, the Rustic Canyon set has 1” steel needles throughout the logs to keep them from cracking. Rustic Canyon gas log set is backed by a lifetime warranty, so relax and enjoy.

Things To Consider:

While burning this log set, keep your gas valve open to an average level, where flame is right above the logs, to prevent any unnecessary noise.

See the Rustic Canyon Gas Log Set in action