The Skinny:

  • Patent-pending spiral gas log burner
  • Quick shipping
  • Realistic oak look
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free black fire glass is included

Things We Love:

Firenado’s Oak Gas Log Set is a classic choice to brighten up your fireplace. Firenado’s patent-pending triple spiral burner design provides more heat than a traditional gas log burner due to the excellent gas coverage and an extraordinary flame pattern. Its beautiful, hand painted bark and contrasting details highlight the realism of this gas log set. This gas log set comes with everything you need, right in the box. It comes with sand, glowing embers, and even midnight-toned fire glass to add some sparkle and enhance the look.

Things To Consider:

If you have a small fireplace, keep in mind that the Firenado Oak is currently only available in 24” and 30” configurations. It also only comes in the match light ignition method and cannot currently be upgraded.

See the Oak Gas Log Set in action.