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Outdoor GreatRoom Company Fire Pits (2 Items)

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Outdoor GreatRoom Gas Fire Pits

There’s something to be said about being the first to do something. Leaving your mark from the very beginning instills a sense of pride, plus you have the chance to set a standard for those who come after you. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to be considered a pioneer and expert in your field. All those qualities apply to The Outdoor GreatRoom, which was the first outdoor living manufacturer to take a swing at designing gas fire pits. The company hasn’t rested on its laurels, though — the innovation continues to this day, with Outdoor GreatRoom fire pit tables serving as more stylish and effective backyard additions than ever.

The latest improvement to Outdoor GreatRoom fire bowls and fire pits? That would be Crystal Fire Plus burners, whose patent-pending technology is engineered for the safest and most rewarding outdoor fire feature experience. There’s plenty to love about these cutting-edge burners: they’re made of commercial-grade stainless steel, have a fully adjustable flame, and are loaded with safety features. Did we mention that they lend Outdoor GreatRoom fire pit tables more efficient performance while generating a taller, brighter, and more yellow flame? Not resting on their laurels, indeed.

Crystal Fire Plus burners are included in every Outdoor GreatRoom fire bowl, fire pit, and fire pit table. Better yet, each model is UL- and ULC-listed for safety. Depending on your backyard aesthetic, you can select a round, square, or rectangular fire pit from a variety of materials: concrete, metal, polyresin, stone, stucco, and wood. Outdoor GreatRoom propane fire pits are popular in every style, though you also have the choice of natural gas. Having options is great, right? That goes double when it comes to turning your backyard into a cozy gathering place.

By now, it should be clear that doing something first is pretty great. So, why not trust the outdoor fire experts and be the first on your block to grace your patio with an Outdoor GreatRoom fire pit table?