The Skinny

  • Modern, Sleek designs
  • Ceramic infrared No-Glow heaters

Things We Love:

Solaira Ziro Series infrared heaters emit virtually no visible light and uses one of the most energy-efficient forms of heating on the market. In its class, the Ziro Series is rated as one of the best in radiant output using far-infrared ceramic technology.

These sturdy American-made heaters are Epoxy powder-coated cast aluminum and meets the IP55 standard for water spray, making them both scratch and rust resistant units. These heating systems emits soft, robust radiant output engineered for enclosed or semi-enclosed residential and commercial settings.

Solaira Ziro Series infrared heaters have a 3-year Fixture warranty. The bulb and controller have a 1-year warranty. These systems are designed for up to 10,000 hours emitter life.

Things To Consider:

Solaira Ziro Series infrared heaters emit soft radiant output and are not recommended for breezy environments. If you are not using this unit in an enclosed or semi-enclosed area then this may not be your first option, please see XL or Candel Series. A professional electrician is recommended for installation. Our team of experts would be happy to assist in creating and fulfilling your patio heating needs.