The Skinny:

  • Intelligent Temperature Control with Wi-Fi capabilities
  • 430 stainless steel body with dual-wall construction for optimal heat retention
  • Can reach temperatures between 180 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 12-pound hopper capacity offers up to 18 hours at 350°F

Things We Love:

Intelligent Temperature Control

The Memphis Grills Beale Street pellet grill gives you complete command of the entire cooking process with an integrated Wi-Fi controller for the Intelligent Temperature Control function. Using cloud-based Wi-Fi and the free Memphis Mobile App, compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, you can control the grill from anywhere. You'll even receive emails or texts when your food is ready to eat! We find this setup to be a serious boon for those who love the "set it and forget it" lifestyle — or those who just want more time to spend with family and friends. Better still, this function even provides built-in recipes that automate temperatures and cook times for delicious results. Finally, once the Beale Street pellet grill hits the desired temperature, it'll steer the heat level to keep your food warm and ready to serve. What's not to love about that?

Excellent Construction

Every design decision that went into this Memphis Grills model was made to maximize heat. For example, the dual-wall construction helps trap valuable heat inside the grill where it belongs. The American craftsmanship and 430 stainless steel also make this pellet grill a powerhouse, as does the fan-blown convection system that evenly distributes heat and gets rid of pesky hot spots. This allows you to confidently use all 429 square inches of stainless steel cooking surface, not to mention the optional grill grate kit that adds another 129 square inches. The Beale Street’s prep area and tool storage is similarly spacious, giving you everything you need within arm’s reach.

Things To Consider:

Though this grill offers Wi-Fi controls so you can change the temperature remotely, keep in mind that the hopper holds only 12 pounds of pellets at once. This means that if you plan to cook at temperatures higher than 350 degrees for more than 18 hours, you’ll need to refill the hopper. For more information about the Beale Street pellet grill, call one of our experts at 1-877-743-2269 today.