The Skinny:
  • All models are hydrophobically treated to block out moisture, and some have weatherproof wrapping
  • 4K processors are calibrated for crystal-clear outdoor viewing either in full sun or under a patio
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging displays a wide color range with desirable contrast
  • Built-in 20-watt speakers generate clear audio quality even in the backyard
  • Smart TVs come with apps and streaming services for fully integrated viewing

With vivid displays and multiple layers of protection against the elements, Weatherized TVs are a great choice for outdoor entertainers.

Weatherized TVs combine mom-and-pop-shop innovation with the power and reliability of household brands to bring an optimal outdoor viewing experience to your home. It all starts with an LG or Samsung TV, which is taken apart and hydrophobically treated to shield the internal components from moisture before being put back together. Models meant for full-sun exposure are also strengthened by an external weatherproof wrapping and a weatherproof covering for the components and plug-ins.

Either way, Weatherized outdoor TVs let you confidently take all the processing power of a smart 4K TV into your backyard. Throw in built-in speakers and full compatibility with the most popular streaming services, and you’ve got an outdoor entertainment center for any event. Let’s take a closer look at the quality, performance, and features of these models to determine if they’re right for you.


Already-high-quality LG and Samsung 4K UHD TVs receive interior (and sometimes exterior) coatings for years of outdoor use.
  • The makers of Weatherized TVs take great care to ensure comprehensive protection from whatever the outdoors can throw at these units. They hydrophobically treat every model to ensure the circuit boards aren’t damaged by temperature, humidity, or moisture, all of which can wreak havoc on electronic components. From there, Weatherized TVs split into 2 collections: Elite and Prestige. Elite Series models boast an external weatherproof wrapping and covering to withstand the rigors of full outdoor exposure, while Prestige Series units are given just the hydrophobic treatment because they’re designed for use under coverings only.

    Keep in mind that those layers of protection are made in addition to the high degree of quality and aesthetic appeal already found in LG and Samsung TVs — the weatherproofing is a huge benefit, but you’re also bringing home a TV from a respected brand. And just for good measure, Weatherized TVs are modified to quickly vent heat for continued operation on sweltering days. It’s safe to say these sleek, outdoor-rated TVs can handle just about any challenge, be it humidity, moisture, or corrosion.

  • Weatherized TVs Prestige Samsung 7 Series 50 Inch 4K LED HDR Outdoor Smart UHDTV


Weatherized TVs blend crisp 4K processors with special calibration for enhanced clarity, color, and contrast in outdoor settings.
  • Being built for the backyard is one thing, but all outdoor TVs must also clear the hurdle of providing picture clarity in the glare of harsh sunlight. We’re glad to say Weatherized TVs are more than up for the task. These models pack all the processing power of LG and Samsung 4K units, only specially calibrated for enhanced visibility in outdoor settings. Their HDR displays, meanwhile, present a wide range of colors with great contrast between dark and bright hues. That means no more squinting to see the game on sunny days.

    Though all Weatherized TVs produce crisp pictures, each of the different collections is primed for peak performance in specific settings: Prestige for shaded areas, and Elite for viewing in complete sunlight. Prestige Series models — which, as a reminder, are meant to be installed in a covered area — feature a bright screen optimized for viewing in the shade, whereas the Elite Series uses an ultra-bright screen to generate sharp images and vibrant colors despite full exposure. Keep in mind, however, that not even a full-sun, full-exposure TV can be brighter than the sun. Think carefully about the placement of your TV and which direction the screen will face, and consider investing in a full-motion mount that allows you to adjust the angle of your TV as the sun moves throughout the day.

  • Weatherized TVs Prestige LG 43 Inch LED HDR Outdoor Smart UHDTV


In addition to wireless connectivity, Weatherized TVs include a host of convenient features to customize your viewing experience.

Weatherized TVs are more than just heavily protected viewing stations with crystal-clear imaging — they’re loaded with enough features to be considered an all-around outdoor entertainment hub. For starters, they’re compatible with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, plus they can be connected to Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi for all your streaming needs. Speaking of streaming, these smart TVs are pre-loaded with the most popular apps (Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube, among others) so you can start watching your favorite shows immediately following installation.

Depending on which Weatherized TV brand you select, you’ll also take home 20-watt speakers fit for the outdoors and built right into your TV. The speakers built into LG models use an Ultra Surround system, while Samsung’s built-in speakers operate on Dolby-certified technology. There’s even an included media bay for plugging in separate devices or gaming consoles, which illustrates just how far Weatherized TVs go to ensure your outdoor space becomes the ultimate entertainment area. And the included weatherized remote? Well, we consider that to be the cherry on top.