The Skinny:

  • Slope Glaze burner helps create a more realistic flame
  • Hand painted details
  • Made in the USA

Things We Love:

Empire’s Ponderosa gas log set is one of our most popular ventless gas log sets. Say goodbye to the hassle of real wood but still keep the ambiance of it in your space. Its split wood design mimics the look of fresh kindling and has wood grain and bark details that are hand painted by artisans at Empire. Made of refractory ceramics, this gas log set is high quality and made to last longer than sets you would find in a big box store.

Empire’s Slope Glaze burner has small ceramic beads inside that help move the gas around to make the flames look more realistic, like a natural fire. This burner efficiently and quickly heats your room making this set a good heat supplement for your home.

Things To Consider:

Because this is a ventless gas log set, you must keep the gas logs in the factory-determined placement. Empire’s Ponderosa comes in numerous ignition methods including models with wall switches and remote controls. These are perfect for those with mobility issues or anyone wanting the added convenience. If you’re not sure what size you need, use our gas log calculator or reach out to one of our gas log experts at 877-387-1177.

See the Ponderosa Gas Log Set in action.