The Skinny:

  • Charred whole log look
  • Largest amount of flames and embers
  • Price won’t break the bank
  • Quick shipping

Things We Love:

Our favorite feature on this log set is the amount of flames you see while the logs are lit. The charred front log not only shows off the flames, but gives the appearance that the log has been burning all day long. The deep bark and realistic, hand-painted details ensure that this log set will look great in your fireplace while burning, as well as when it is not in use. Below the log set is the exclusive H-burner system which adds roaring flames throughout the entire set, all the way through the ember bed, and produces more radiant heat than a single tube burner. BBQGuys backs up their logs with a lifetime warranty and ensures they will stand the test of time by mixing 1” steel needles into the log molds to keep them from cracking and breaking.

Things To Consider:

These log sets are natural gas only and are not available for propane gas.

See the Charred Canyon Fire Gas Log Set in action.