The Skinny:

  • Marine-grade 316L stainless steel is great for saltwater and coastal environments
  • Exceptional quality sets it apart from other portable grills
  • Convenient handles provide easy portability

Things We Love:

When we say portable, we mean it — you can confidently use this grill in coastal or saltwater settings thanks to its marine-grade 316L stainless steel exterior, which is highly resistant to salt water corrosion. This model pairs that extreme portability with the same great performance and quality parts found in the built-in Blaze Professional Series, such as its durable 304 stainless steel interior. Just like Blaze’s built-in and freestanding models, the Professional Marine Grade Portable also features a push-and-turn flame-thrower that ensures a steady and reliable flame with every use.

A Marine-grade Grill Portable Enough to Take Anywhere

While this grill’s 316L stainless steel construction makes it functional in saltwater environments like boats or beach houses, you can truly use it wherever you’d like. The side handles make it simple to carry, and it also has front-facing clasps that lock in place to keep the lid securely shut while being transported.

You even have options when it comes to the fueling method. The Blaze Professional Marine Grade Portable can run on 1-pound propane tanks found at most grocery stores or, if you’re planning a big cookout, a 20-pound tank with an included adapter. Whether you’re taking it to a tailgate, out on the water, or your neighbor’s house next door, this grill is easy to use in any situation.

Exceptional Benefits You Expect from Blaze

Blaze didn’t sacrifice performance for portability when building the Professional Marine Grade Portable, which features more than 200 square inches of grilling area. It’s powered by a 12,000 BTU cast stainless steel H-burner that rests beneath a 12-gauge flame tamer designed to help the grill with heat retention and longevity.

In addition to providing full-width coverage, the flame tamer evenly radiates heat so you can cook greasy foods like chicken wings without worrying about too many pesky flare-ups. Instead, the drippings that land on the flame tamer create mouth-watering, smoky flavors that’ll take your BBQ to the next level. You can also achieve beautiful sear marks with the grill’s 12mm, heavy-duty stainless steel cooking rods, which are hexagonal and closely spaced for more surface contact with your food.

Things To Consider:

Because this grill is portable, it’s compatible with only propane and doesn’t support natural gas. When using this model, make sure it’s mounted on a pedestal stand or any other non-combustible surface for safety. Portability is perhaps this grill’s greatest feature, but it’s just as good in your backyard as it is on the beach. And don’t think that portability is just about where you can take it to grill — move it to a protected area for safekeeping when not in use. The 316L stainless steel is made to withstand saltwater environments, but proper care and storage will add even more years to its lifespan!