The Skinny:

  • Entertainment center and mantel packages
  • Efficient ComfortSaver heating system
  • Convenient gWave control technology
  • Electric log or glass & acrylic ember options
  • ECO mode decreases energy consumption by a third

Things We Love:

Not only do Dimplex Multi-Fire electric fireplaces produce incredibly realistic flame displays using proprietary reflected light technology, but they also allow you to choose the display speed through the Multi-Fire system. Couple this with adjustable firebox lights for the glowing logs and embers, and you’ve got an electric fireplace whose ambiance can be tailored to fit your mood. Dimplex doubled down on realism, too, programming the flames of these units to slowly build from small flickers into a roaring blaze. And when these models are turned off, the fire fades into the glowing logs before winking out in yet another lifelike touch.

Realism Meets Efficiency

Fortunately, there’s almost nothing to distract you from those dazzling displays. These units operate in total silence except when using the heater function — in which case the fan will be audible — plus they create no smells or harmful byproducts thanks to electricity serving as their fuel source. The absence of combustion also means that Multi-Fire models don’t alter humidity in the room or remove oxygen from the air. Best of all, their reliance on electricity makes them far more efficient than gas or wood-burning fireplaces.

To provide even greater efficiency, Dimplex equipped its ComfortSaver heating system with a ceramic heating element that consumes 11% less electricity than the leading quartz infrared heating technology. These models automatically adjust both the wattage of the heater and speed of the fan to keep ambient room temperature at your desired level. Multi-Fire units also have a cost-reducing setting called ECO mode, which lowers energy consumption by 33% and cuts the heater down to 750 watts for quieter operation and maximum efficiency.

Multi-Fire XD Series

Dimplex Multi-Fire XD electric fireplaces can elevate your space to a new level of convenience. With the gWave technology that comes standard in some XD models, you can turn the unit on and off with just a wave of your hand. Additionally, a floating LED display on the front glass shows temperature and function settings so you never have to worry about how your fireplace is operating. XD inserts also have a special function called Heat Boost, which delivers maximum heater output for a predetermined length of time to quickly heat up to 1,000 square feet of indoor space. For safety, the Multi-Fire XD collection even features cool-to-the-touch glass so you can really get up close to the fire.

Multi-Fire XHD Series

Dimplex Multi-Fire XHD electric fireplaces raise the bar even higher with brighter flame displays and internal LED lighting. They’re compatible with acrylic embers or fire glass and can be upgraded with Dimplex’s signature Realogs that are molded from actual firewood and charred for extra realism. By positioning these logs along the back of the firebox against the rear mirror, XHD models create an illusion of depth to simulate the look of authentic burning logs.

No matter which media style you choose for your electric fireplace, Dimplex offers a variety of color schemes for both the ember bed and LED lights. Multi-Fire XHD units have the same customizable flame technology as their XD counterparts, but the display is much more vivid and three-dimensional. Speaking of displays, the screen touch controls remain hidden until you touch the glass, and you can use them to run the flames and heater separately so you can enjoy colorful flames year-round.

Things To Consider:

Because Multi-Fire electric fireplaces generate a great deal of heat, they’re best for indoor spaces that have plenty of room and airflow. If you still have questions about these Dimplex models, call our hearth and home experts at 1-877-743-2269 today!