Best Electric Fireplaces | 2019

With the ease and convenience of electric fireplaces making them an increasingly popular choice to heat your home, we've been getting a lot of questions about what fireplaces are truly the best. Electric fireplaces come in many different styles and sizes, and it may be difficult to pinpoint which is the best for your home. We have compiled lists of the top rated models in each category, based on heating, features, functionality, and more to help you choose the right one for your home and decor.

  • Best Electric Fireplace Mantels

    Finding an electric fireplace that will fit your space is easy with these top rated electric fireplace mantel packages. These models require no venting or gas lines, and are plugged into a standard outlet.

  • Best Electric Fireplace Entertainment Centers

    Bring functionality to your home without sacrificing design or character. Electric fireplace entertainment centers give you warmth and a unique, multi-purpose design, and we've selected the best for you.

  • Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

    Save floor space with a wall-mount electric fireplace. Not sure which model is best for your needs? We've got you covered!

  • Best Built-In Electric Fireplaces

    Built-in electric fireplaces can be installed in a variety of locations, whether you're building into a wall or existing masonry opening.

  • Best White Electric Fireplaces

    Everybody loves a crisp, fresh, white mantel. Give your room a pop of color or go for an all-white space with these top rated white electric fireplaces.