The Skinny:

  • Thin frame for maximum viewing
  • On screen controls
  • Different flame colors
  • Includes logs

Things We Love:

The Napoleon Alluravision Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is an easy way to bring the coziness of a fireplace into just about any room. Installation is a breeze! Simply hang the fireplace on the wall, plug it in, and you’re done.

Easily change up the look of the fireplace by adding the included logs. If you prefer a more contemporary look, just use the included glass. You can also change the color and speed of the flames to change the mood of the room. You can even choose whther or not to use the built-in heater so you can enjoy your fireplace all year round. Mix and match settings to create the perfect fireplace for you.

Things To Consider:

The bigger the model of this fireplace is, the larger a room it can heat so if you’d like to use this for supplemental heat make sure to check the BTUs of the size you’re interested in.