Why choose electric logs?

These innovative logs are great additions to any fireplace but there are particular advantages that make them stand out:

  • Electric Logs
    • • They can be placed in just about any fireplace
    • • Safe to use around pets and children since there is no real fire
    • • They eliminate the hassle and cleaning involved in a real wood fire
    • • Most models provide supplemental heat for your room
    • • Create a cozy ambiance that mimics a natural fire in your fireplace
    • • Eco Friendly alternative, they don't emit any harmful toxins or smoke into the air
    • • Most come with an included remote control to turn on and off with the touch of a button

How do you install electric logs?

Installing electric fireplace logs is so easy. In most cases, you do not need a professional to come in and install them. Install them yourself in a couple easy steps and enjoy your logs in minutes!

  1. Clean your fireplace of any soot, debris, and dust

  2. Plug logs into the nearest outlet

  3. Alternatively, have an electrician hardwire your electric logs to minimize visible cords

  4. Make sure remote is paired with your logs

  5. Turn them on and enjoy the view!

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