Electric fireplaces provide more than just heat - they also add ambiance and style! Available in many different designs and materials, electric fireplaces truly are functional décor. Whatever your style, GasLogGuys.com has an electric fireplace to complement your space - from traditional mantels to multi-functional entertainment centers to minimalist wall mounted frames.

Electric Fireplace Styles

Incorporating an electric fireplace into your home is easy, no matter which style you choose. Since no chimneys, existing fireplaces, or vents are required, all you really need is wall space to fit an electric fireplace into your home.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

  • Saves valuable floor space.
  • Ideal for small apartments or small rooms.
  • Less permanent option.
  • Simply hangs on the wall, supported by a bracket.
  • Some can be semi-recessed or fully recessed into the wall, making them a more permanent option.
  • Can be hardwired or simply plugged directly into a 120V outlet.

Built-In Electric Fireplaces

  • Saves valuable floor space.
  • Built into an opening in the wall; cannot be placed in an existing fireplace.
  • Requires professional hardwiring.
  • Permanent option, recommended only for homeowners.

Corner Electric Fireplaces

  • Saves valuable floor space.
  • Provides functionality with storage space for movies, books, and more.
  • Does not require any professional hardwiring or mounting – simply plugged directly into a 120V outlet.
  • Ideal for small apartments or small rooms.

Electric Fireplace Entertainment Centers

  • Saves valuable floor space by combining the hearth and media areas of a room.
  • Provides functionality with a place for your TV and storage space for movies, books, and more.
  • Does not require any professional hardwiring or mounting – simply plugged directly into a 120V outlet.

Electric Fireplace Mantel Packages

  • Resembles traditional masonry fireplaces.
  • Does not require any professional hardwiring or mounting – simply plugged directly into a 120V outlet.

Electric Log Sets

  • Easily placed into an existing fireplace.
  • Alternative to gas fireplace logs or wood logs.
  • Does not require a fully functioning masonry chimney.
  • Can be hardwired or simply plugged directly into a 120V outlet.

Electric Fireplace Finishes

No two rooms are alike, and electric fireplaces come in a variety of designs and finishes to account for this. From metallic to rich, natural wood, there are an array of electric fireplace finishes that will complement your room’s décor.

White Electric Fireplaces


  • Clean and neutral design.
  • Complements an all-white modern room.
  • Brightens the hearth area.

Neutral Electric Fireplaces


  • Options include grays, blacks, browns, etc.
  • Fits seamlessly with any room’s décor.
  • Clean and sleek design.

Metallic Electric Fireplaces


  • Options include silvers, golds, and stainless steels.
  • Makes a bold statement in any room.
  • Complements modern décor.

Stone Electric Fireplaces


  • Resembles traditional masonry mantels.
  • Adds a rustic feel to any room.

Wood Electric Fireplaces

Wood Finishes

  • Resembles traditional masonry mantels.
  • Options include oaks, walnuts, cherry woods, espressos, etc.
  • Fits with traditional and vintage décor.

Electric Fireplace Filler Types

Electric fireplaces can be ultra-modern or they can have a traditional appearance. This can be achieved with the filler type inside the fireplace, also known as the media pieces. These pieces are arranged within the fireplace, enhancing the flame. Most electric fireplaces come with one filler type included, however some come with multiple media options for extra customization.

Electric Fireplaces Glass


  • Flames are reflected off the glass embers for a contemporary design.
  • Provides flame depth and texture.

Electric Fireplaces Logs


  • Resembles a wood burning fireplace.
  • May be molded from real wood logs, creating an extremely realistic appearance.

Electric Fireplaces Rocks


  • Gives the fire a sleek and contemporary design.
  • Usually comes in black or crystal colorations.

Electric Fireplaces Embers


Types of Styles of technologies for Electric Fireplaces

Take a look at the different technologies we offer for this era of Electric Fireplaces. Read more about the different brands and models on our Electric Fireplaces Comparison Chart to see which works best for your desired look.

  • Napoleon Electric Fireplace

    Napoleon Electric Fireplace

    By Napoleon

    WhisperQuiet fan and heater with modulating control, reliable high power LED technology with realistic flames, and a natural looking log set with non-reflective backing for optimal flame viewing.

    Flame technology randomly adjusts the flame effect, color, height and speed to simulate a true wood fire.

    • Designed to make living easier with electric fireplaces from Napoleon.

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  • RealFlame Electric Fireplace

    RealFlame Electric Fireplace

    By RealFlame

    The Vivid Flame Electric Firebox sets a new benchmark in LED flame technology. Exclusively developed by Real Flame to offer unparalleled flame realism and brightness, along with a wealth of other great features.

    VividFlame Technology for ultra bright and realistic flames.

    • Exclusively designed by Real Flame to make living easier with superior quality in an electric fireplaces.

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  • Dimplex Electric Fireplace

    Dimplex Electric Fireplace

    By Dimplex

    It features patented Opti-Myst technology, which produces a fine water mist that reflects light and results in a 3D flame effect so convincing that it could easily be mistaken for an authentic wood-burning fire. The inner-glow logs are handcrafted and molded from actual wood, further enhancing its realistic appearance.

    Patented Opti-Myst technology creates life-like flames and smoke.

    • With this electric firebox, you can instantly give any room an added element of ambiance and allure.

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  • Modern Flames Electric Fireplace

    Modern Flames Electric Fireplace

    By Modern Flames

    Modern Flames introduces the FusionFire Steam Fireplace, an innovative product line that revolutionizes the electric fireplace market. The FusionFire harnesses the power of commercial steam flame technology seen in the likes of Disney and Universal Studio with its revolutionary FusionFire Steam Fireplace.

    Truly eye catching and authentic flame effects

    • The FusionFire Steam Fireplace was designed for heavy usage while consuming extremely small amounts of water when running.

    Learn More

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