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Kamado Grill Use and Care Guide

Kamado Grills are versatile, allowing you to grill, smoke and bake great tasting food. They use a simple design that has stood the test of time so use these easy tips to keep your kamado grill in top shape for years to come.
Use Lump Charcoal


Use only 100% natural hardwood Lump Charcoal. Briquette charcoal has additives that will emit odors and can be absorbed into the ceramic.

There are many acceptable methods to light your charcoal, such as a charcoal chimney starter, an electric starter, or branded firestarter cubes/matches. Never use lighter fluid! Lighter fluid contaminates your kamado with chemicals.

To prevent a flashback, use a method known as burping – just open the lid just a few inches and pause to prevent a flareup.

Lighting a Kamado


Since natural lump charcoal produces a small amount of ash, it is necessary to remove it after each use. Use the ash tool to stir up the remaining charcoal in the firebox to remove the lose ash. The ash will fall through the grate for easy disposal.

From time to time, you'll want to clean the exterior of your grill. Use a solution of mild detergent and water or glass cleaner with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove dirt and grime on the ceramics and hardware. If surface rust appears on unfinished hardware, use a steel wool pad to remove it.

Cleaning the interior of your kamado grill is easy because it works like a self-cleaning oven: 1) Heat the grill to +600 for 30 minutes and allow the grill to cool completely. 2) Remove the internal components of the grill. 3) Use a soft bristle brush to brush the interior of the grill. 4) Remove the residue that collects in the bottom of the grill. 5) Insert the internal components. When your heat deflectors get dirty during normal use, just flip them over with the dirty side down for the next cool and the heat from the fire will self-clean that side of the plate.

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