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Tailgating Recipe Ideas

  • Buffalo Chicken Wings
    In this video Chef Tony Matassa of will show you how to prepare Buffalo Chicken Wings for your tailgating parties. Be sure to check out the ingredients listed at the end. Chef Tony gives you a simple marinade recipe for your chicken wings, and the perfect hot sauce to coat them with afterward. Enjoy the game!

    Grilled Corn Video
    This recipe for grilled corn on the cob has a Latin flare to it with cilantro & lime butter. It will surely bring a lively taste to your tailgating party.

    Quesadilla Video
    Chef Tony prepares quick and easy to make Quesadillas that will be a hit at any tailgating gathering! For this simple appetizer, made with either beef, chicken, vegetables, or seafood, all you need are some tortillas, tomatoes, cheese, cilantro, onions, bell peppers, limes, jalapenos, and protein of your choice. Watch this video and Chef Tony will show you the rest. Enjoy!

    Chef Tony shows you how to make one of his favorite dips, fresh homemade guacamole. It doesn't get much quicker or easier than this recipe, all you need are some avocados, olive oil, sea salt, and purple onion (optional). Wow your tailgating buddies with this awesome recipe that is sure to win them over!

    Salsa Video
    This is one those recipes, that when eaten, people will think took you all day to prepare; and will believe you have used family secrets for the ingredient combination. Don't worry, as with most of Chef Tony's recipes, this one is quick and easy. This salsa just became the homerun of your tailgating party!

    Grilled Mushrooms Video
    Stuffed Mushrooms are an incredible appetizer, and usually a crowd pleaser; as well as, quick and easy to make. Check out this recipe from our very own Chef Tony and get your tailgating menu kicked off!

    Easy Chicken Wings
    What more can you ask for? Easy, fast, delicious chicken wings are the way to go at any tailgating event! Check out this recipe from our Chef and let him help you make your weekend tailgating experiences memorable.

    Ranch Dipping Sauce
    Just what you need for your chicken wings! Whip up a delicious ranch dipping sauce that will make the crowd go wild! Chef Tony has provided another great, simple recipe video.

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