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Learning Guides: DCS Grills

While the decision to buy a grill may be a simple one, selecting which brand is a bit of a challenge, especially when you consider the number of available options and price points. One brand most should consider is DCS. Read some of things that make DCS Grills one of the best out there.

About DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems)

DCS, a division of Fisher & Paykel Appliances, began in the late 1980's as the country's leading engineers and designers of the first line of high-end, commercial quality appliances for the home. Soon after, they expanded the business to offer both indoor and outdoor kitchen solutions, by pioneering the first high-end professional grill. All of the capabilities of an indoor kitchen can now the experienced in an outdoor setting. Performance, customization, simplicity, ease of use and installation are what sets apart the DCS brand.

DCS Grill Features

  • Patented Grease Management System to diminish flare-ups (36" and 48" grills only)
  • 25,000 BTU solid heavy duty stainless steel u-shaped burners to last a lifetime
  • Ceramic Radiant Technology for hotter temperatures and even heating
  • Smart Beam 50 watt halogen grill light which will help at evening time grilling
  • 9-Volt battery ignition for more efficient lighting than a basic rotary ignition
  • Infrared rear burner and rotisserie kit to slow cook whole turkeys, chickens or roasts
  • Smoker tray with dedicated 3,500 BTU burner to add that extra flavors to your food (36" and 48" grills only)

DCS Grease Management System (36" and 48" grills only)

DCS's unique Grease Management System features heavy duty cast stainless steel u-channeled cooking grids that angle slightly toward the front of the grill. This design allows the excess grease, that normally falls down to the burner causing flare-ups, to instead drain away from the flames and into the drip tray for easy disposal.