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10 Reasons To Choose Primo

We give you 10 reasons why Primo is the best in the business when it comes to ceramic grills and kamado cookers. These oval grills and smokers have been around for awhile with plenty of options to choose from. See why Primo is rated #1 in ceramic grills.
1. Made In The USA
All Primo Grills are made in the USA. All other ceramic brands are manufactured overseas. This allows customers to receive the product, grill parts or accessories more quickly.
2. The Oval XL
Simply the best ceramic grill on the market. The Primo Oval XL is one large cooking machine and is ranked the #1 charcoal grill on our site.
3. Unmatched Versatility
Primo offers tons of accessories to help with your style of cooking. With the oval shaped grills, you can add spilt multi-level cooking grids, charcoal dividers and more.
4. Oval Shaped
Primo designed two of their grills with an oval shape. This was not done by accident! This grill shape is designed perfectly to better suit foods and grill pans and allows more space for food.
5. Vertical Charcoal Divider
Primo offers a heavy cast iron piece that fits perfectly in the center of the oval grills. This can allow you to put all your charcoal to one side in case your cooking for a smaller crowd or for indirect cooking.
6. 2-Level Cook Grids
Maximize all the space of primo oval grills by using these extended racks to cook even more food at different heights.
7. Drip Pan Racks
Primo offers the ability to purchase drip pan racks with their oval grills. This is wonderful for indirect cooking.
8. Accessories & More
All kinds of unique and cool primo accessories are available to enhance your cooking experience.
9. 3 Sizes To Choose From
Primo Grills are available in 3 different sizes. Certainly there is one to match your needs. Junior(Oval), Large (Round, Extra Large (Oval XL)
10. Tallest Lid
Our Primo XL has the tallest lid of all kamado style grills on the market allowing for more flexibility in the size of foods that can be cooked on the grill.

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