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The Best Gas Grills of 2012

It's that time of year again, and your trusted friends at have put together a list of the best grills of the year! We have carried some amazing grills in 2012, and we have judged them on all of the criteria that you'll find below. So, without further ado, we present to you for your reading pleasure, our awards for the Best Gas Grills of 2012!

Best New Brand of 2012

The Winner: Blaze
Our Choice: BLZ-4-NG
Every year we offer new brands, but this year was different. Blaze Grills are the perfect combination of solid engineering, quality stainless steel construction, and comercial-grade burners. This Blaze Grill has impressive features, but the affordable price and lifetime warranty give us complete confidence in saying Blaze Grills are the Best New Brand of 2012!

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Best All-Around Gas Grill

The Winner: Lynx
Our Choice: L36PSR-2-NG
Design, quality, and performance... the Lynx does it all! This Lynx gas grill is a good size, and it is incredibly well built. Lynx has innovative features and one of the most trusted names anywhere. This grill takes home our most coveted honor, and it is with no reservation that we name the Lynx L36PSR-2-NG the Best All-Around Gas Grill of 2012!

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Best Performance Gas Grill

The Winner: DCS
Our Choice: BH1-36R-N
This DCS cooks quickly, evenly, and precisely, making it the best performing grill of this year! It has a patented grease management system and ceramic rods that give it incredible heat distribution. This allows it to give a cooking experience that's on par with commercial establishments, keeping your food deliciously juicy while still being cooked to your exact specifications. Congratulations, DCS!

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Best Gas Grill for the Money

The Winner: Lion Premium Grills
Our Choice: 75623
If you're looking to save money without skimping on quality, look no further than this Lion. This grill has a lot of cooking space for the money. Lion also uses high-quality materials and has an excellent warranty. Get more barbeque for your buck with this award winner from Lion!

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Most Attractive Gas Grill

The Winner: Fire Magic Echelon Diamond
Our Choice: E790
This grill is truly a work of art. It was carefully designed with aesthetics in mind, and its curved lid, functional-but-subtle LED lights, and asymmetrical dial design on the front are clear evidence of such care and attention. Fire Magic has crafted this grill with love, and it shows!

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Most Versatile Gas Grill

The Winner: Fire Magic
Our Choice: Aurora A660i
With their second entry on our Best of 2012 list, Fire Magic has really made a name for themselves over the years! The Aurora A660i boasts enough power to get any job done, with enough options to do even more. Its claim to fame is its ability to be used as a charcoal grill as well, allowing for that classic taste. This, plus an extra-large firebox are what make this Fire Magic our most versatile grill of 2012!

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Most Durable Gas Grill

The Winner: PGS
Our Choice: Legacy Pacifica
PGS has one of the most comprehensive warranties in the grill business. They warranty their grill for life and stand behind it. The grill is constructed of high-quality 304 stainless steel and PGS welds it together, which makes the grill incredibly durable. PGS has definitely stepped up to the challenge of making a grill to last a lifetime! Strong work, PGS!

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Most Powerful Gas Grill

The Winner: Alfresco
Our Choice: LX2
Alfresco has created a monster... and they've called it the LX2. This grill produces a staggering total of 108,000 BTUs! To be honest, I have never seen a grill with so much power before. This translates to fast cooking time, which is perfect for when you need to grill some burgers quickly before the big game comes on!

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Best Infrared Gas Grill

The Winner: TEC
Our Choice: Sterling G4000
Incredibly reliable, TEC has been at the leading edge of infrared innovation for over fifty years. They have an upper hand in designing infrared gas grills because that has been their focus for the span their company's history. As a result, the Sterling G4000 truly is the best infrared out there. Nice job, TEC!

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