Best Outdoor Refrigeration for 2020

  • Find the Best Outdoor Refrigeration Solution for You

    By now, it shouldn’t surprise you that we know a few things about outdoor kitchens. One thing we often find swept beneath the rug? Refrigerated storage. Think about your perfect patio paradise — is rushing perishable supplies inside and out a part of it? Do those dreaded, unexpected ice rans factor into that dream BBQ island or fantasy backyard bar? Outdoor refrigeration ensures these horrors never plague you again. It’s not all fridges and freezers, either: we’re talking late evenings bolstered by opulent wine coolers, fresh cocktails prepared by the pool, and beers flawlessly preserved or straight from the tap. The possibilities are endless!

    But which one is right for you? Why not start your search with “the best one?” Our experts have already done the hard work of picking out a few of those for you, using each kegerator’s quality, performance, and features as a litmus test. That’s how they’ve done things for more than 20 years testing and selling outdoor living products, and they’re not about to stop now! So, why don’t you take advantage of that wealth of experience and browse our top-rated outdoor kegerators?

  • Best Outdoor Compact Refrigerators

    Best Outdoor Refrigerators

    Enjoy ice cold beverages while you grill. Check out this list of top outdoor compact refrigerators for your outdoor kitchen.

  • Best Outdoor Ice Makers

    Best Outdoor Ice Makers

    We've compiled our favorite ice makers to help you select the one that is best for all your entertaining needs.

  • Best Outdoor Wine Coolers

    Best Outdoor Wine Coolers

    Add the stylish sophistication of a wine cooler to your outdoor kitchen. Check out our list of the best outdoor wine coolers.

  • Best Outdoor Kegerators

    Best Outdoor Kegerators

    Is there anything better than ice-cold draft beer from the comfort of your patio? Check out our list of the best outdoor kegerators.

  • Best Compact Refrigerators Under $1,000

    Best Compact Refrigerators Under $1,000

    These outdoor mini fridges are all under $1,000 and have been tested for performance and durability to get the job done.

  • Best Compact Refrigerators Under $500

    Best Compact Refrigerators Under $500

    These outdoor compact refrigerators are under $500, and while they may not be the flashiest fridges, they will certainly get the job done.