DCS - Responsible Manufacturing
DCS products are designed to reduce energy consumption and they have a philosophy of avoiding the use of scarce resources in their products whenever possible. All of their packaging is either reused or recycled, which eliminates waste and reduces the amount of packaging that is dumped into a landfill. They use identification marks on plastic moldings showing which raw materials they are made of, which assists with recycling.

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TEC - Energy Efficient Grills
Most gas grills are not energy efficient appliances. In gas grills, energy efficiency is determined not by BTUs but the temperature of the heat it produces and the time it takes to cook the food. TEC grills are the most energy efficient grills manufactured today. They are not only capable of reaching higher temperatures than other grills while using less fuel, they also cook food faster. How does this protect our environment? When any gas powered grill is in operation, fuel is burned, and as a result, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are emitted. The only way to reduce these emissions is to reduce fuel consumption. TEC grills are not only energy efficient, they also reduce emissions by up to 50%.

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Kamado Grills - Green Charcoal Grilling
While gas grills are more environmentally friendly than charcoal, for some, the flavor with charcoal can't be beat. Believe it or not, replacing your metal charcoal grill with a kamado can be better for the environment. Kamado grills are made with ceramics, which insulate heat more efficiently when compared to metal charcoal grills. The tight-fitting lid on ceramic grills also seals in moisture, and they use less charcoal than conventional metal grills. Kamado grills have consistent temperature control by adjusting the top & bottom vents. They can also be easily lit without using lighter fluid, which contains toxic petrochemicals and releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Telescope Casual - Eco-Friendly Patio Furniture
Telescope is an industry leader in environmental stewardship. They utilize recycled materials in all stages of manufacturing and recycle virtually all of their waste. For 30 years, Telescope has been using the waste from their operations to heat their manufacturing facility, located in New York, where it gets quite cold. They also use Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) to build outdoor furniture, which contains more than 30% recycled resin. Additionally the raw materials, equipment, and manufacturing processes emit no harmful gases or byproducts into the atmosphere.

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