1. Outdoor Pizza Oven

They are very trendy and will look amazing in your outdoor kitchen; and who doesn't like pizza? By adding a built-in or freestanding pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen, you're adding extra cooking versatility. Pizza ovens are not only for cooking delicious authentic style pizzas, but are also great for baking things like fresh cookies and cakes. The sky is the limit on what you can cook inside one. On top of that, a pizza oven is guaranteed to be something that will impress your guests in your outdoor kitchen.

2. Kamado Grill

Kamado Grills have a simplistic design that has stood the test of time. They are versatile and easy to use, and a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. Smoke, grill, bake, sear, roast, or just cook low and slow. Our diverse selection of top brands come in a wide range of styles and colors, giving you many options when shopping for your Kamado Grill.

3. Power Burner

Add muscle and flexibility to your outdoor kitchen with a power burner. Power burners are perfectly designed for cooking with larger pots, like boiling seafood or for frying a turkey for those larger cookouts. Adding a power burner with a dual ring burner design gives you the versatility of cooking with higher heat than a traditional side burner, while keeping the ability to simmer on low. Nothing accompanies a grill better than a power burner.

4. Built-In Griddle

Add breakfast to your outdoor kitchen menu by installing a griddle. A griddle provides you with the flat cooking surface you need for cooking things like pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc., along with the capability of cooking meats and veggies. Also, the openness of a griddle allows your guests to gather around and watch your master chef skills at work; from cooking, to plating, to serving.

lynx stainless steel outdoor ice maker

5. Ice Maker

Outdoor ice makers are an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen, and a great way to keep the cool drinks coming. Ice Makers are great for entertaining guests or simply relaxing orders. Bring your indoor kitchen outdoors with this great addition to your outdoor space.

outdoor refrigerator with glass door

6. Outdoor Refrigerator

Outdoor compact refrigerators are a great investment for your outdoor kitchen. Just like with any outdoor kitchen appliance, it is important to purchase a refrigerator that is durable, reliable, and will perform for many years to come.

7. Outdoor Wine Cooler

For the wine lover and entertainer, a wine cooler is a must have item in your outdoor kitchen. Add the convenience of having your wine stored at precise temperatures and ready to serve within reach while entertaining or just relaxing outdoors. If space is a concern for adding a wine cooler and refrigerator, there are several models that allow you to store your food, soft drinks, and full bottles of wine, all in one cooler.

8. Outdoor Kegerator

Nothing goes together like beer and barbecue. So, it's no surprise that kegerators have become one of the hottest (or should I say coolest) outdoor kitchen appliances. When you have guests to entertain, the kegerator area of your outdoor kitchen may arguably be the most popular spot. Kegerators come in several capacity sizes and even offer a variety of tap options for your favorite beer style. If you love food, friends, and beer, then you need to consider an outdoor kegerator.

9. Beverage Center

In keeping the spirit of entertainment going, nothing compliments my previous two picks like a beverage center. Whether you call it a beverage center, bar center or cocktail station, it provides you with a convenient spot in your outdoor kitchen to serve drinks and cocktails, store condiments and ice, and a sink for cleaning up. I like to think of a beverage center as the Swiss Army Knife of any outdoor kitchen and definitely think you should consider one in yours.

10. Outdoor Vent Hood

A vent hood is something many overlook or question including in their outdoor kitchen. For many the question is, “Do I need a vent hood in my outdoor kitchen space?” My reply to that question is simply, “Will your outdoor kitchen be below a covered area?” If so, then you can definitely benefit from installing a vent hood above your grill. Vent hoods will keep your entertainment area and your guests smoke and odor free. Also, it is very important to check your local codes, as some areas require a vent hood if you are cooking under a covered structure. Furthermore, I like to think that a vent hood sitting above a grill will give any outdoor kitchen a more professional and upscale look that will wow your guests.

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