The Skinny:

  • Rugged, built-like a tank
  • Large cooking chamber can cook multiple dishes at once
  • Cooks pizza quickly with good wood-fired flavor

Things We Love:

Tuscan Chef pizza ovens are available in three different sizes, and most of the models can be built into an outdoor kitchen (The GX-B1 & GX-A2 are cart models only). The construction is rugged and designed with durability in mind. The steel body of the oven is nearly 1/4-inch thick for more durability. Inside the oven, the cooking chamber has a removable, stainless steel middle rack. The cooking chamber is also insulated with 3/4-inch refractory firebrick. The steel construction and insulation helps speed up preheating time, allowing Tuscan Chef to be ready for cooking in about 20 minutes. All the ovens are large enough to cook a couple of pizzas at once.

Things To Consider:

Tuscan Chef does not include any accessories with their ovens, so you'll need some extras before you start cooking. While the construction is very rugged, Tuscan Chef offers a two year warranty on the oven.