The Skinny:

  • Works just about anywhere
  • Heats up fast and cooks quick

Things We Love:

Lightweight and compact, the Pizzeria Pronto can be used just about anywhere. The gas burner heats up to 700°F very fast and cooks a 14-inch pizza in only 5 minutes. Inside the oven, an interlocking stone diffuses the heat and eliminates hot spots, ensuring an evenly-baked crust and a heat shield on the roof reflects heat back on to the top of the pizza, so your toppings cook at the same rate as your crust. A moisture vent at the top allows steam to escape, so your pizza is nice and crispy every time.

Things To Consider:

While you can also bake cookies and other desserts, Pizzeria Pronto doesn't offer a lot of built-in versatility. The oven is designed for cooking pizza, not baking chicken or other large food.