The Skinny:

  • Cooks pizza in just five minutes
  • Gas-fueled burner heats up quickly
  • No curing process required

Things We Love:

Portability and Performance All in One

Most pizza ovens are built for commercial or residential use, but Pizzeria Pronto lets you take one with you no matter where you’re going! Measuring just 18 inches in width, the Pizzeria Pronto pizza oven is a perfect travel companion for camping, tailgating, or any other outdoor adventure. You can also safely place it on any surface, making it a truly portable pizza oven.

Heats Up in Minutes

Though this model is small, you shouldn’t overlook its cooking power. The propane burner, which packs 14,500 BTUs, produces temperatures around 700 degrees Fahrenheit and allows the oven to preheat in only 10 minutes. This oven’s cook time is similarly quick — a 14-inch pizza takes just five minutes, so you can spend more time doing the outdoor activities you love.

Fuel-efficient Oven Means More Time Cooking

In addition to its portability and power, the Pizzeria Pronto pizza oven is designed for efficiency. It can run for 25 hours on just one standard, 20-pound propane tank, meaning you can cook a few hundred pizzas before needing a new fuel source. For those who find switching out or refilling propane tanks to be a hassle, the convenient Pizzeria Pronto oven might become your new favorite cooking appliance.

Specially Designed to Cook the Perfect Pizza

Pizzeria Pronto knows that what matters most about a pizza oven is its ability to create beautiful, flavorful pizzas. That’s why this model has several features to ensure a tasty product, such as a moisture vent that stops pizzas from becoming soggy and gives them the crispy crust you crave. There’s also a built-in, reflective heat shield that directs heat above the pizza for an even cook across the crust and toppings. To provide heat from below and make it consistent throughout the oven, Pizzeria Pronto included a dual-layer pizza stone. You can have all this in a lightweight and compact package!

Things To Consider:

The Pizzeria Pronto pizza oven is gas-fueled instead of wood-burning, so you don’t need to cure it before first use. Because of the oven’s size, it’s meant to cook pizzas or smaller items, such as bread or cookies. Unlike bigger pizza ovens, it can fit only one 14-inch pizza at once and has a hard time cooking chickens, turkeys, or other larger dishes. If you have any other questions about this model, call one of our pizza oven experts at 1-877-743-2269 today!