The Skinny:
TEC invented infrared gas grills; 100% infrared cooking means juicier foods; virtually no flare-ups; no hot/cold spots; built like a tank.

Things To Love:
The TEC Sterling FR series and G FR Series are a revolutionary style of gas grill. While most gas grills use convection heat to heat up the air inside the grill and cook the food, TEC uses 100% infrared energy. Even other infrared grills with ceramic infrared burners use some convection heat, and thus are not 100% infrared. With convection heat, as the food cooks, moisture is lost and food becomes more dry. TEC's 100% infrared system ensures the food's natural moisture remains, resulting in juicier food. I love cooking on a TEC grill!

The innovative, powerful burners are what sets TEC apart from all other brands. TEC invented the ceramic infrared burners that you find in most other infrared gas grills today. When their patent ran out on those ceramic infrared burners, TEC was already onto the next level, securing a patent for new 100% infrared stainless steel burners. The stainless steel burners are covered by heavy-duty, radiant glass panels that transfer heat from the burners and cook your food. These panels also efficiently spread the heat across the grilling surface, so there are no hot/cold spots on a TEC. This technology also makes flare-ups virtually impossible, because fat and food drippings are absorbed by the glass panels and never touch the flame. This burner design allows the grill to reach steak searing temperatures on high but also drop down to as low as 350 degrees on low, which provides nice versatility compared to most of the other ceramic infrared burner grills.

TEC builds all their grills in the USA. TEC’s level of quality is unmatched by most other competing brands. Durable, heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel is used throughout the grill (many brands use a mixture of grades). TEC backs up these Sterling FR and G FR grills with a lifetime warranty on the exterior stainless.

TEC’s Sterling FR and Sterling G FR series are very similar, each utilizing the same cooking system and high quality construction. The only differences are cosmetic. The Sterling G FR has a more stylish curved hood and stainless steel knobs, and the freestanding version comes with unique side shelves that feature pull out drawers within them. That's a handy feature for sure!

Things To Consider:
The grills appearance and design is pretty simple and bland however grills aren't suppose to compete in a beauty contest. Due to the nature of their burners, TEC grills have some limitations. Infrared burners are known for their intense heat output, but not for low temperature cooking. As a result, TEC grills don’t have a wide temperature variance like some competing brands. There also isn't a rear rotisserie burner available, a fairly standard feature on other gas grills at this price range. Also, TEC grills produce an extreme amount of clean, white smoke. While this is not harmful, it's important to make sure it's installed in a well-ventilated area, or consider adding a vent hood to help ventilate.

You'll Like This Grill If:
You want a well built, innovative, infrared gas grill from TEC, the inventor of infrared gas grills.