The Skinny:
Luxurious grill with drop-dead good looks; leader in grilling innovation; one of the best engineered grills; stylish LED control knob lighting; amazing warranty; made in the USA

Things To Love:
Lynx grills are the sleekest and most innovative brand of grills I've seen. They are made in the USA and are amazingly engineered to be durable with inventive features not found on other grills. Lynx definitely crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's with their Professional series.

The Lynx Professional's exterior is made with a smoothly polished 304 grade stainless steel that seems to keep a like-new appearance longer than other premium grills. The Lynx also comes with stylish LED lit control knobs that look incredible at night and will really turn some heads at your next barbecue. Also, Lynx offers a ton of outdoor kitchen components that match the grill's quality and good looks.

Another nice feature on the Lynx is the fluid-rotating handle and spring assist hood that makes opening and closing the grill a piece of cake. This is a feature you won't appreciate until trying it for the first time, as larger grill hoods tend to be pretty heavy to open.

Under the hood, Lynx will set up your new grill with multiple configurations of burners, offering cast brass traditional burners and ceramic infrared searing burners. Whether you want all infrared burners, all traditional burners, or one infrared with two traditional burners, Lynx will configure it for you and the price stays the same.

The cast brass burners are rare to find and are less prone to corrosion. Also, brass definitely radiates heat better than typical steel burners. When it comes to infrared, many brands claim theirs are variable. However, I have not found an infrared burner nearly as variable in temperature as the Lynx. Because of the infrared burners unique trident design, it allows you to lower the temperature, giving you truly versatile infrared cooking options, from scorching hot to simmering.

Lynx also comes with a ceramic briquette flame taming system that fits over the cast brass burners. The ceramic briquettes sit atop a stainless steel tray, absorbing heat from the burners and spreading it across the grilling surface. This gives Lynx a super even cooking surface from front-to-back and side-to-side.

Lynx's rear ceramic infrared rotisserie burner stretches wider across the grilling surface than other grills. By having a wider infrared burner, it allows you to cook longer pieces of meat (like pork loin) on the rotisserie, giving you a consistent direct heat from one end of the meat to the other.

Lynx offers a first class standard warranty on their professional grills. The stainless steel body, cast burners, rotisserie infrared burner and main infrared burners are warranted for life, and most other grill parts are warranted for five years.

You'll Like This Grill If:
You appreciate the top of the line in luxury, performance, and drop-dead good looks.