The Skinny:
Well constructed grill with polished edges; customizable burner setup; good line of outdoor accessories; great lifetime warranty.

Things To Love:
Luxor grills look the part of a quality grill, thanks to the durable 304 grade stainless steel construction with polished edges. The hood is also double lined for additional durability and protection from discoloring from high heat. I also like the spring-assist lid, which makes lifting the hood effortless.

To cater to a variety of cooking styles, Luxor grills have several burner configurations. You can choose a conventional configuration with stainless steel tube burners, or a hybrid combination configuration which adds an infrared bruner. They know not every cook is the same, and some may like infrared while others may not. While both burners are capable of reaching high temperatures, infrared will reach much higher temperatures than conventional burners. Most high quality restaurants use infrared burners, because of their quick and efficient cooking performance and ability to get those great looking sear lines on steaks.

In order to help move the heat around, Luxor uses pyramid-shaped ceramic briquettes (these are only used above the conventional burners). The pyramid shape expands the surface area, which helps give off more radiant heat. The pyramids sit on a plate of 304 stainless which holds them well in place.

Luxor offers a lifetime warranty on stainless steel housings and burners, both convection and ceramic infrared. Most companies don’t offer a lifetime warranty on infrared burners. Luxor offers a complete line of products that matches their grills, so all your outdoor kitchen components will have similar styling. Also, make sure to check out their Illuminated Series outdoor kitchen storage which features LED color changing panels. You'll definitely have the coolest outdoor kitchen in the neighborhood with these!

Things To Consider:
While I like the variety of burner configurations, each one has a different cost which adds to the price of the grill. The infrared burner is not available by itself, so you couldn't later upgrade your grill from conventional burners. I also noticed that while the flame taming ceramic briquette system does a solid job of distributing heat more evenly across the grill surface, the control of flare-ups could be better.

You'll Like This Grill If:
You want a well constructed grill with great features and a full line of outdoor kitchen products to complete your island.