The Skinny:
Unmistakable cooking performance; commercial quality construction; virtually no flare-ups; one of the best warranties on the market

Things To Love:
Performance and durability is what stands out most with DCS grills. Hands down, DCS produces the best cooking performance of any grill that I've cooked on.

The DCS 30-inch grill is powered by two stainless steel U-shaped burners that produce extreme heat. The grill also comes with the ceramic rod flame taming system that traps heat and radiates it across the grilling surface. This gives the DCS the most evenly heated cooking surface of any grill. Another great thing about the ceramic rods are that they control flare-ups well and deliver drippings back into your food as smoke.

The DCS 30-inch grill is available with or without a rotisserie kit and rear ceramic infrared burner. This helps drop the price if you don't care to have a rotisserie. However, for those of you that do, the powerful rotisserie system is easily capable of turning up to 50LBS of food and the water-proof motor comes with a handy built-in grill light.

DCS grills are covered by a lifetime warranty and limited on-site warranty service, which is one of the best offered in the industry. This shows that DCS stands behind the quality of their grills.

Things To Consider:
You should consider the size of the DCS 30-inch grill and how you will be using it before buying. This is a great grill when consistently cooking for a few people, but lacks the grilling space when cooking for a crowd.

This grill does not come with a couple of great features found on the larger models. For starters, the grill lacks the double sided cast grates, and instead comes with typical stainless steel grates. Also, the grill does not include the built-in smoker box with the dedicated burner. If you want smoke, you'll have to pick up an aftermarket smoker box.

Because of the grills capability to hold in heat, the grill's temperature doesn't drop quickly if needed while cooking. Once the DCS is heated up, it takes a while to bring it back down to a lower temperature.

You'll Like This Grill If:
If you desire a smaller, quality constructed grill that cooks hot and fast!