The Skinny:

  • Excellent grilling performance
  • Hybrid Radiant System
  • Grease Management System
  • Strong company history
  • Made in the USA

Things To Love:

These Capital Gas Grills are top notch, and have been here for a long time. The guys that run Capital have been in the high end gas grill and indoor range industry since the 80's and 90's. With all of that experience, it is really no surprise that these Capital Precision Gas Grills are some of the best on the market. They are Made in the USA, and combine quality craftsmanship and innovation. My personal opinion is that these Capital grills simply cook better than just about any other gas grill out there.

Under the hood, the Precision Gas Grills feature an excellent grilling system. It starts with 25,000 BTU ā€œUā€ shaped main burners, made of 14 gauge Stainless Steel and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. These burners pack some power, but can also be turned down very low, providing excellent heat control. Due to their large footprint, they offer great coverage across the entire grill surface, which helps to eliminate cold spots. Each grill also includes a ceramic infrared burner that produces 1800 degrees of heat at the burner surface, perfect for searing high end steakhouse quality steaks in your backyard.

Above the burners is one of my favorite features - the Hybrid Radiant System. This system provides incredibly even heat distribution, and helps reduce flare-ups. This system consists of ceramic rods that cover the entire grill surface area, which provides very even heat distribution. Each rod is individually wrapped in stainless steel which helps with durability. These are easily the most durable ceramic flame tamers I've seen.

Above the hybrid radiant system are the heavy duty, reversible, Cast Stainless Steel cooking grids. Place them in a flat position, V side down, for everyday grilling. Place them flat, V side up, for maximum vaporization and flavor infusion. Place them V side up at an angle, sloped toward the front of the grill, to channel excess grease away, to reduce flare ups when grilling extra fatty or oily food. This is considered their grease management system.

I also love the included heat zone separators. These vertical stainless dividers are placed in between each burner, which creates different cooking zones across the primary grilling area. This can be very practical when cooking different foods at different temperatures at the same time.

Each grill also comes with an awesome rotisserie system, powered by a ceramic infrared rear burner, and features a hidden, chain driven Rotisserie motor. This chain driven system provides stability when you are cooking large pieces of food and the hidden, integrated motor means you don't have to find a storage place for it when not in use. Speaking of storage, the 36ā€ & 48ā€ models have concealed storage in the pull out drip tray for the rotisserie spit rod!

Along with the incredible grilling and rotis system, these Capital grills have some other smart features I love as well, such as the interior halogen lighting, silent hot surface ignition for quiet & reliable ignition of all burners, and easy-lift, spring assisted hood.

Things To Consider:

Although I love the infrared main burner for steaks and other foods that are best cooked over intense heat, if you don't do much high heat searing, you might consider this a wasted zone.

You'll Like This Grill If:

You want a high end grill that cooks incredibly well, is American Made, and backed by an excellent warranty.