The Skinny:
Stylish design; patented CrossFlame radiant cooking system; made in the USA.

Things To Love:
The Caliber CrossFlame Silver is a practical, stylish, and well built stainless steel grill with some unique features. Caliber's founder Randy Rummel has an extensive history of delivering innovation to outdoor cooking. Some know him as the founder of Dynamic Cooking Systems, where he expertly combined his experience in restaurant cooking equipment with residental ranges and grills. Recently he brought that expertise to Caliber Range Corporation, where his innovative designs shine.

The CrossFlame Silver features Caliber's patented CrossFlame radiant system and welded stainless steel burners. You'll find the extreme heat that originates at the CrossFlame welded stainless steel burners is spread so evenly across the cooking grids, it makes for a wonderful, strong, and consistent cooking surface. CrossFlame Silver also features an infrared searing burner, which can easily soar to high temperatures. Crank up your infrared searing burner and throw some steaks on while you turn your stainless steel burners to low for a nice, even heat where you can cook your your vegetables. CrossFlame Silver provides all the versatility you need for a great meal.

The CrossFlame Silver's stylish design also helps it stick out from the rest. It features a seamlessly welded concave lid and amber LED lights. The grill's handle style is optional, allowing you to choose from a stainless steel handle or a stylish Brazillian cherry wood handle for more elegant styling.

The CrossFlame Silver features reversible stainless steel cooking grids that can be used to create a multi-level cooking space, perfect for grilling with indirect heat and direct heat simultaneously. The grill also features an extremely reliable flame throwing ignition system.

The Caliber CrossFlame Silver is offered in two sizes, a 35-inch model and a 41-inch model. Both sizes are available with or without a rear burner and rotisserie kit.

Things To Consider:
The CrossFlame Silver is much smaller than other stainless steel grills in its class, so if you're looking for a big cooking surface, its small size is definitely something to consider.

You'll Like This Grill If:
You want a well-built, good looking grill that cooks well and is made in the USA.