The Skinny:

  • Affordable price point
  • Rugged cast stainless burners
  • Excellent value
  • Full line of grill options and outdoor accessories

Things We Love:

Not only does the Cal FlameP-Series look like a pro-style grill, it has the features you often see in a high priced grill. P-Series grills come in 4 burner and 5 burner models, and the body is constructed with 304 grade stainless steel, which is known as the most durable stainless grade for gas grills.

Another nice detail that caught our eye is the double-lined hood. The extra layer of metal inside the hood shields the grill, and keeps it from becoming discolored due to high heat. The internal lights are also a nice touch, so you can grill in the evening.

Inside the grill, the P-Series has cast stainless steel burners, a style of burner typically found on higher priced grills. These burners are rugged and powerful, so you’ll have no trouble getting those restaurant-style sear marks on your food that everybody loves. Also included, is a rear infrared rotisserie burner that pushes out 15,000 BTUs.

The cooking grates have a unique, v-shape design that creates distinctive sear marks. The v-shaped flame tamers also help spread out the heat, and the grill has relatively even heating. If you need more power, you can upgrade to an infrared sear zone burner which can be swapped out with any of the other burners.

Included with the P-Series grills are a griddle plate, smoker box, and grill cover. Cal-Fame also offers some pretty cool optional grill accessories for the P-Series, including a charcoal tray, to convert your gas grill into a charcoal cooker, along with a deep fry station and pizza brick tray.

Cal Flame offers a complete assortment of outdoor kitchen equipment, which is nice if you’re building an outdoor kitchen. Most of our customers consider it a real plus if they’re able to have matching components in their kitchens.

Things To Consider:

The Cal Flame P-Series measures up fairly evenly to competing brands, and it's difficult to find any glaring problems with the grill. One thing to note is that the grills are only available as built-in models, with no free-standing cart option available. The v-shaped flame tamers do have a slight disadvantage minimizing flare-ups when compared to "grid-style"” flame tamers which cover the full width of the grill. Though the v-grates cooking grates are unique and add an interesting look to the grill, they’re slightly more difficult to clean compared to traditional grill grates.