Cutlery Learning Center

Chef Tony is here to help you in selecting quality cutlery, caring for your cutlery, and more. Browse our informational articles and watch how-to videos to learn more about how quality cutlery can make your experiences in the kitchen more enjoyable.

  • How to Buy Quality Kitchen Cutlery

    How to Buy Quality Kitchen Cutlery

    What should you consider when selecting a set of kitchen cutlery? Our buying guide can help you understand what you need to know about cutlery and how to choose the right set based on your needs.

  • The Parts of a Knife

    The Parts of a Knife

    How does full tang compare to partial tang? Learn about the common parts of a knife and the importance of each part, making tasks in the kitchen much easier (and also safer).

  • Which Knife Is Right For The Job

    Which Knife Is Right For The Job

    When shopping for cutlery, it's helpful to know the purpose of each type of kitchen knife. Learn how a chef's knife differs from a santoku knife, when to use a cleaver and much more.

  • Cutlery Care and Maintenance

    Cutlery Care and Maintenance

    With proper care, cutlery can last a lifetime. Learn the basics of caring for cutlery and how to maintain your knives so they look and perform well with each use.