“Also consider space for grilled corn and other side items.”

Think about the size of the meals that you will be cooking:

Will you be cooking for a large family or just for two? Will you be mainly grilling burgers, steaks, and chicken or will you be smoking ribs, roasts, and whole chickens? Be sure that there is enough room to place your charcoal on one side and cook on the other if you plan on doing any indirect cooking. Also, consider space for grilled corn and other side items. For your convenience, we have placed our own metric on the grills we sell, called "Burger Count" to help you pick out the right size grill for you.

How well does it control and maintain temperature?

When looking at a potential grill, make sure that it has top and bottom vents to help regulate your temperature. Some charcoal grills will come with an option to adjust the placement of the charcoal to bring it closer or move it further from your food. Kamado-style charcoal grills do a great job of reaching and maintaining temperatures for long cooks. Some charcoal grills are also compatible with temperature controller accessories to easily regulate your temps.

Make sure it's easy to clean:

Nobody wants to be stuck with a charcoal grill that has to be turned over to be cleaned out. One of the things you want to check for when buying a charcoal grill is some sort of easy clean out mechanism. Most kamados offer some sort of ash tool, while other charcoal grills have ash trays that can be easily removed.

How durable is it?:

If you are making a long-term investment in a good grill, you are going to want it to last. So, make sure that the charcoal grill you buy is made out of a durable material; ceramics, stainless steel and 16 or 18 gauge steel are all good options. Also, you will want to check the thickness of the charcoal grill. Thicker materials will hold heat much better than a flimsy grill. The same goes for the cooking grates, the best kind are stainless steel or cast iron. If you feel that the grill you've chosen does not have good cooking grates, you can always buy a sear grate to get those desired grill marks.

If our charcoal grill buying guide has not helped, or if you would like to know more about purchasing a grill or about any of the BBQ grills we carry, please call us today at 877-743-2269 - We'll be happy to help you out!

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